Arbra Backs One of Portugal's Largest Hospitality Projects

Arbra's Global Real Estate Fund is financing the groundbreaking transformation of a historic 300-hectare estate in Portugal into a world-class hospitality project


Designed by world-renowned architect John Pawson, this monumental endeavor will redefine luxury living and hospitality in Portugal, making Palheta one of the country’s most iconic destinations by 2028.

Located in the picturesque Alentejo region, near the towns of Redondo and Évora, Palheta will feature a 60-room five-star hotel, 35 villas, and 20 cottages. The project embodies a slower, thoughtful way of living, prioritising wellness, mindfulness, and creativity. The estate will also host an open-air amphitheater, art pavilion, and artists' studios, fostering a vibrant cultural community.

Guests will have access to a holistic wellness center, sports facilities, and a wine club within a centuries-old wine cellar, all while surrounded by serene vineyards. Pawson’s design blends simplicity, proportion, and light, ensuring harmony between nature and architecture.

About the project, John Pawson commented: “The landscape of Palheta is of extraordinary beauty, encompassing vineyards and oak forests, the rugged counterpointed by the rolling. I could spend an eternity here, simply watching the way the character of the light changes, according to the time of day and the season. I look forward to playing my part in the creation of a very special environment, where people will come to enjoy a unique offering of tranquillity, culture and hospitality.”

The estate’s villas and cottages will be offered for sale and be fully serviced by the hotel, having access to all the amenities offered within the estate along with a suite of exclusive benefits. The properties will range in size and will all have private swimming pools and generous individual gardens. Palheta is expected to appeal to international guests, owners and the local community.

Palheta stands as a testament to sustainable development, incorporating renewable energy, sustainable farming, and a deep commitment to preserving the natural landscape while celebrating Portugal’s rich cultural heritage.

The serene landscape at Herdade da Palheta in Redondo, Portugal