Asset Management

Discover unique investment opportunities with our global markets, securitised debt, and international real estate funds



We facilitate pragmatic investment, driven by our deep experience in financial markets. Our investment team, based in Lisbon, brings a novel approach to money management and they focus on bringing funds to professional investors which break the mould and are not generally available

Global Markets Fund – A globally-focused fund delivering risk-adjusted returns, based on a carefully calibrated strategy. An emphasis on protection derived by a derivative overlay, coupled with a rigid selection process around core equity holdings, aims to deliver a consistent, low-volatility equity-type return.

Securitised Debt Fund – A Brazil-focused fund targeting superior returns available from acquiring, holding and selling debt obligations as they move from private ownership to becoming municipal or sovereign equivalent.

Global Real Estate Fund – An internationally focused fund aiming to deliver superior returns through sector and geographic selection. Principal current holding is a ground-breaking luxury hospitality resort in Portugal.


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